My name is Deepak Malhotra. SlidesBackgrounds.com is one of a project of mine that was started in January 2020 with an aim to provide you various useful Backgrounds for your presentations.

Why Us?
Actually the Internet is full of Images! But very hard to find the backgrounds optimized for presentations(created with Google Slides and PowerPoint). We Provides you Quality Backgrounds on various Subjects like Business, Education, kids etc.What is the best part of us is each of our background is handcrafted in our studio. You don\’t have to worry about its source because we made it only for you. No copyright issues. All Legit and Free Backgrounds.

How to use it?
Download our backgrounds to your machine/computer and put it in your presentations. You can set them as background on all slides or single ones. Few of our backgrounds also comes with handy ready to use template of PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Only for presentations?
Actually No! Although we have designed and optimized the Backgrounds for Presentations, other usages are also allowed. Like Web, print, Video, and More.  

How to reach us?
Kindly Contact us Here

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